A-Scope of the work covered with this specification is to provide all workmanship and material for the design, fabrication, packaging, transportation and erection of the steel space frame with pre-determined area, geometry and features described as per architectural drawings.

B– The scope of the work described above comprises of the followings;

1- Engineering design of space frame, design calculations and determination of the support reactions, preparation of shop and erection drawings.

2- Manufacturing, surface finishes, packaging and transportation of the goods to erection site.

3- Assembly and erection of the space frame system under the supervision of Uskon’s qualified technical supervisor.


Manufacturing commences upon client’s approval for the followings;


Space frames are higly hyperstatic systems. Design calculations shall be made by means of computers. Software used for the design shall execute the analysis by using Matrix – Displacement ( Stiffness ) Method. Connections on the joints shall be defined so as not to transfer bending moments due to transmission of the loads by pin connected connections with bolts. Loads on the structure shall be transferred via the nodes. The design analysis may include the following loading criteria according to the project and contract conditions;

  1.  Dead loads ( space frame, purlins, cladding )
  2.  Snow load
  3.  Service loads ( Lighting, A/C ducts, cleaning equipment, catwalks, suspended ceiling, concentrated loads, e.t.c. )
  4.  Live load
  5.  Wind load
  6.  Seismic load
  7.  Temperature variation



Two copies of detailed set of shop drawings shall be submitted, which include the followings;

  1.  Layout details, section properties and identification of all the components
  2.  Accurately dimensioned layout of space frame showing the related distances with walls, columns, beams or slabs of the substructure on which the space frame is to be erected.
  3.  Details and all other information to show provisions for horizontal expansion and contraction of space frame at the supports.
  4.  Details of supports and anchoring to the substructure.
  5.  Purlin system plan and details